thrilling choices

Well, no, we are not thinking of having 39 Stufen (steps) in the flat, but just one…

During our June trip to Berlin, our architect B. came up with an original solution. Why not fitting a step between bed room and living room? That would give a bit of movement to the flat and help solving electrical and plumbing issues, since we do need to build a step in the bathroom anyway…so half of the flat would be raised by 17cm and that would be quite nice.

Our project was perfected by B. during the summer and eventually we were discussing about having sliding doors between living room and bed room (you can’t fit double-winged doors if there is a step in between two rooms, right?).

The polish-berliner Firma confirmed to us that it would be feasible and it would look quite nice (eine sehr schoene Wohnung!).

But after careful thinking we had to call it off this week. The step in the bed room would cause a couple of technical problems which were not visible on paper. The biggest problem is that we had not realized how much our windows in the bed room to-be are…low. These used to be kitchen and bathroom windows, and they were accessible laterally so to say. But once kitchen and bathroom are destroyed (well…they’ve been bombed last week) and you can actually face the windows…oh boy, are they low!

Add on top of that a floor raised by 17cm, a shiny new parquet…and opening the window in the morning would cause a vertigo!

So, keine Stufe. But the positive side of it is, we can go back to double-winged doors…and our charade is solved.

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