Urban farming: Li Edelkoort was late


After Naomi Klein’s “No logo”, are we heading for a “No guru” era?

Since the 90s we’ve been reading more and more about these so-called “cool-hunters” or “trend-gurus”. Those who stitch up trend books and if we buy a lime-green pullover next week it is because 3 years ago they found out that lime evocates purity and freshness and we would crave that at some point in the distant future.

On the Elle Decoration – and other magazines I browsed through in the trains and planes of the last few days – the trend-guru Edelkoort goes about saying that now people want countryside in the cities. Crise oblige.

I’m sorry but this has always been the case in “provincial and poor Berlin”. Berliners understood ages ago how important is to have real countryside in town.

As the italian writer Alessandra Montrucchio wrote nicely in her book “Berlin”, especially West Berlin after WWII had to recreate within the boundaries of the encircled town the seaside, the woods, the countryside, even the “mountains”.


Now countryside in town seem to be the must-have for milanese penthouses, Primrose Hill windowboxes, Chelsea faux-accessible squares. For Berliners, it’s the reality in many Kiez. It is not the ultimate expression of elitism, only for the few,  but the democratic accessible green shore of the Spree in the Regierungsviertel, the summer Tiergarten grill or the tai-chi lesson in the Volkspark across the street.


So, Li Edelkoort was late.

Berlin, trend-resistant, is above trends.  It literally bathes in sound, Birkenstock-sturdy common sense…

on this topic also check Metapolis

photos: StripedCat


2 Responses to “Urban farming: Li Edelkoort was late”

  1. 1 Alexis April 6, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Hi Stripedcat

    Have followed your blog for quite a while now and have found it interesting and extremely informative as my partner and I looked at flats to buy last may in Berlin but as we are in australia it will take us a bit longer to realize our dream!
    Will you ever put any photos up of your wonderful renovated altbau – after all the descriptions I am of course very curious.
    hope you have wonderful times in your new home.

    • 2 stripedcat April 6, 2009 at 12:24 pm

      Ciao Alexis
      we also browsed quite a bit the internet before actually making the first research trip…we used a lot Immobilienscout24 but there are dozens of websites.
      I will definitely add photos!! I’ve been travelling a lot recently but once I sort out my photo archives I will enrich a bit the visual part of the blog!
      Thank you for visiting the blog and for your kind comment! Any question, just ask…we did the blog in order to share our experience…our learning curve was not so easy so we wanted to make other keen neo-berliners benefit from our little bit of experience!

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