Berlin second-hand vs Salone del Mobile


Yesterday I browsed through D di Repubblica, a beautiful saturday magazine. If you check the picture at page 192 of the current issue, N* 643, there is a very nice banquette or little bench, metal long legs and purple velvet upholstering. The bench and the dormeuse are part of the Lobularia collection by Poltronesofa’, you see them in pink on this Repubblica photo. It’s nice, isn’t it? Well…you’ll see the real thing now!

Here’s my most recent Berlin second-hand treasure.

In January my friend Dorita – another second-hand stores junkie like me – and I went to my favorite second-hand shop in Berlin to collect a beautiful 1950s cat brooch, obviously a nice feline present from MeinMann. And I fell in love with this banquette…all alone, sitting pretty in a corner of the shop…


It was produced in 1960, it has its DDR stamps on its wood seat chassis. The legs are made of black iron. I find it has incredible grace. Quite surprising for GDR design. Well, in fact I discovered that there were two banquettes and I had to have them both, I couldn’t possibly leave one behind. Dorita supported me in the decision making process and 15 seconds later the deal was done.

The following month, when our Flat was less dusty and the carpenters had almost finished their work, me and my brother went back to the merciful and fanciful furniture orphanage to collect our long-legged GDR beauties.

Of course the gray velvet upholstering is brand new and you know, it’s magic. It’s cangiante, nice italian word which describes how velvet plays with light. The size is perfect. You can have them at the end of your bed. Or like a mini-sofa on a corridor. Or next to the bow-window. Good design, good-good.

I wonder if the spanish – pardon, catalano – Poltronesofa’ designers did mention the credits to the DDR State-designers…

My modernariat pieces costed Eur 60 each, brand new upholstering included of course! The Lobularia banquette retails at 390 Eur.

Thrifty Berlin second-hand beats Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Adopt furniture!

2 Responses to “Berlin second-hand vs Salone del Mobile”

  1. 1 Paul April 27, 2009 at 11:39 am


    Love the banquette, looks really cool. Can you tell me the name of the second hand furniture shop where you acquired it?

    Many thanks in advance!


  2. 2 stripedcat April 27, 2009 at 11:56 am

    hi Paul!

    sure, it’s Gabriele’s “Firlefanz” in Schoeneberg.
    She also has a shop on ebay called Bella Gabriella.

    She has the most beautiful 1950s feather hats selection too (to die for!). And everything is very soignee’ and in pristine condition…


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