love at first light

I had been looking – unsuccessfully so far  – for bauhaus lamps during my latest weekends in Berlin. But this time round I badly needed to get some lamps in the living room. We need enlightment during our berliner weekends…


Unconvinced I went to the IKEA round the corner. I had seen a number of times their lamps offer and nothing really inspired me. Älang looked too late-1990s. Stockholm had nothing to do with the flat and was too shiny. The cone-shaped lamps look too IKEA to feel real. I think IKEA has some great pieces of design, but I don’t want to feel like I’m living in a catalogue.

So I thought to get some cheap paper Noguchi-style lamps, such as Storm, in order to solve the problem with an emergency solution and look for proper lamps with more time on my hands.

But then, I came across a new design, which was not yet on the paper catalogue I had perused on the plane. It was the perfect product! Heavy it was, made of metal, mat finish, and that sounded good…with a”capsized wok” shape which I found very functional and yes, very bauhaus.

The other bauhaus thing is the dimmer. A beautiful, functional, simple steel button very visible and easy to find, not those hideous plastic sliding boxy switches getting in the way on the floor (even classy Artemide makes such mis-bauhaus mistakes), or those very anglo nasty little hard levers hidden too close to the lightbulb.

So these lamps did respond to a few basic bauhaus rules of thumb, and I got the standing and the table versions. In black. Drop-dead gorgeous. Almost broke my back carrying them around in the store but hey I had found the perfect lamps!


The quality of light is golden and warm, which complements the masculine and serious shape of the lamp. The designers A. Nilsson/H. Preutz/T. Eliasson in my opinion wanted definitely to honour the 80th anniversary of bauhaus with this product. And even if this is not true, it shows that sometimes, waiting for the right encounter pays back. Love at first light.


IKEA arbitrageurs: this lamp is more expensive in Germany than in Italy. We discussed on this blog already about price discrepancies at IKEA and so far I had spotted that kitchens and curtains were much more expensive in Italy. Probably for lamps the elasticity of demand is lower in Germany than in Italy?

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