The green glass bookshelf



In May I visited a dusty second-hand shop in Nolle and I fell in love with a small green glass bookshelf…it was even dustier than the shop itself, full of quincailleries, but I saw through all the clutter the simplicity and madness of the piece. The mad artisan who built it used only green glass panels. Nothing else. The four supporting pillars were made of glass panels, cut to mesure, four facets.

I am not very much into glass shelves, but I love green glasses, bottles, plates etc. So the shelf was unusual. So unusual I didn’t dare to buy it, but when back in Rome I asked my friend in Viktoria Luise Platz to adopt on my behalf the dusty orphan (another one, after the DDR benches!) because all of a sudden I had to have it! She was so nice to go and block the object at the store, even if the risk that someone else would fall for such a quirky piece seemed quite low to her…and I agree!

The reason why I noticed the little green orphan stems from a product presented at the Salone del Mobile, which I didn’t particularly like, but which titillated my interest in green transparent materials, like Linden leaves and green glass…

With an adventurous delivery – a massive glass shelf is neither light, nor easy to handle – the green glass shelf now sits in the little 60s flat.

Hand-crafted, original, unique, zero-emissions, recycled, sixty euros well spent!

Unfortunately no photos available yet, but that was just the beginning…the rest of the furniture would follow from this first inspiration…

Photo: treehugger


2 Responses to “The green glass bookshelf”

  1. 1 GLASS SHELVING October 28, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Thank you for shared. This article has many benefit for me.
    I hope anyone think same me and like article too.

  1. 1 under the spell of glass « A flat in Berlin…(well, actually two!) Trackback on July 6, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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