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Good demographic looks matter

Good demographic looks in German cities unearth real estate hidden gems?

Check out this article from The Local…

Wiesbaden is number 1, but Berlin is number 5!

Wiesbaden: Immobilieninvestments in der hessischen Landeshauptstadt derzeit nach einer exklusiven Analyse im Auftrag des manager magazins besonders attraktiv

Yeah, Berlin has never been N°1 in the ranking of the highest real estate returns. If I remember well, it used to be Munich. Recent research by Berenberg bank shows that now Wiesbaden leads the top league. But Berlin is not far away…number 5.

The article published by Manager Magazin is here, an English excerpt was published by The Local.

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Life-changing cities

Berlin, a life-changing city? apparently yes. Check this article on Repubblica.

against gentrification

Gentrification, the double-edged sword. At the beginning it makes the neighborhood (=Kiez) cool. Then it kills it with SUVs, too many wine bars and the disappearance of bakeries, normal supermarkets, haberdashery and Kneipe. Have a look to YGG

Still I guess that there are well-equipped Kiez in Berlin, who will not let the developers turn them into social deserts like the Parisian Marais. In the 90s it was fabulous and a little bit seedy, now it’s sanitized and desertificated. At 8pm cardboards are piled in front of the boutiques, and that’s it.


check out the Guardian’s article here

3 years later…

Three years have gone by since we bought our flat in Berlin (the first one).

What happened in the meantime?

On a parallel street a new building in neo-bauhaus style has just been built. Prices for these new properties vary from 3,500 to 5,000 Eur per square meter. Well, there is so much real estate worth renewing in Berlin that new buildings could be avoided, right…still the prices tells something about the direction the market has taken in Berlin during the crisis.

The construction company who carryed over the refurbishing of our flat is always as busy. Business did not slow down for them, they are excellent craftsmen after all. Refurbishing of existing buildings in the Kiez carries on, both on Wilmersdorf’s side and on Kreuzberg’s side.

The Kiez has not over-gentrified in the meantime, and that is good. Across the townhall I’ve spotted a new patisserie and the smith has gone. But maybe he was not a good smith after all…his store was always closed, the service was a bit patchy.

The Kiez did not become fashionable, there are no fancy boutiques and we still have all our bakeries, delightful independent bookstores and stationery shops.

Berlin, sweet Berlin

Still looking for a good reason for buying a flat in Berlin? read today’s Telegraph article…

Sony Center: the biggest real estate deal in EU

Last week I was in Berlin and there were a few sizzling news about big deals in the property market. The biggest real estate deal of the EU ha sindeed been closed in Berlin, with the purchase of Sony center by a south Korean Pension Fund.

For long term value, Berlin apparently is not so bad! Click here to read the full Wall Street Journal article!

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