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Life-changing cities

Berlin, a life-changing city? apparently yes. Check this article on Repubblica.


AflatinBerlin on air!

If you understand Italian and want to know more about buying a flat in Berlin, listen to the interview on the Italiansonline WebRadio…please don’t laugh ūüėÄ

Click here and get to the mid on the streaming.

Living in a vintage gas station, in Schoeneberg

Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

Have a look at the fabulous article by the New York Times on a very lateral-thinking renovation: from gas station to apartment-cum-art-gallery!

Actually, I remember seeing an Aral gas station teamed up with a bar/restaurant at Schlesisches Tor U-bahn station, close to Club der Vision√§re. I wonder if it is seasonal or open all year round…have to check it out.

The full article can be found on the New York Times website together with a beautiful slide show. An excerpt of the article follows.

In Berlin, a renovated gas station


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Real estate prices across Europe

And today’s most popular article in the Financial Times is…

“House prices slide hits recovery hopes”.

Play around with the interactive charts, plotting against each other the price developments across different EU countries. A live audio comment is also available on the website, commenting specifically the quite different trends among UK, Germany, Austria… quarterly data since 2000 or annual data since 1970.

At first sight, it seems that at end 2007 the German market (existing homes) was at its most depressed level ever since 2000, and with Austria and Norway it was one of the few to remain flattish-slightly up while the crisis unfolded. Fingers crossed. Touch wood.
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a view from Qatar

An article from Qatar…According to several studies, the German housing market still provides positive cash-flow development and increase in rents and prices. Despite the financial crisis, the residential real estate markets in the major cities of Germany are performing very well, and international investors are looking forward to increasing their investments in the market this year”.

High demand for properties in Germany
Web posted at: 7/6/2009 0:18:23
Source ::: The P

Doha: The first real estate investment meeting of Engel & V√∂lkers held at the Sheraton Doha in Doha, last Monday. The conference focused on prime residential buildings in Germany and was set up to introduce local individuals and investment companies to the German housing market. Continue reading ‘a view from Qatar’

Boring, tedious, envious or just plain lazy?

“Gentrification has hit Prenzlauer Berg at a speed unmatched even by the most tarted-up quarters of other European capitals. Ninety per cent of the district’s apartments have been vacated by their original East German inhabitants since the Wall’s fall. They have been replaced by a generation of young Germans who have arrived as rich invaders from the West. The standing joke in Prenzlauer Berg is that the borough is populated exclusively by Swabians from wealthy south-western Germany. Like most jokes, it contains an element of truth”.

This morning I found this article on my virtual shore, the Google tide brought it from The Independent.

A flavor on the pros and cons of gentrified Prenzl’berg. A panoramique on the former-DDR L√§nder demographic, economic and neo-nazi problems. All in all not so original. Frankly, I expected something better from the Independent. This piece feels stale, like a “Panorama” article, full of clich√©s and made of rechauff√© themes.

Or is it just envious? To me, the british society doesn’t seem so “full or harmony” or heavenly homogeneous in terms of economic and social opportunities. Heathrow airport or some stops of the Tube don’t even evoke “poor but sexy” thoughts like some rusty rail platforms in OstBerlin. And there was never an iron curtain in between Putney and Islington.

If you want to read articles criticizing Germany, read the German press…it’s more interesting. Be it on the debate on prams in Prenzl’berg. Or the unemployment rate in Mecklemburg. Or Rostock gangs. Or the Swabian invasion.

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The pros and cons of Neuk√∂lln

T√ľrkish f√ľr Anf√§nger-style hype or “unreachable by positive trends”? An interesting article on Neuk√∂lln by The Local…for more info (on the pros and cons) check out Toytown and IOL forums.


Neukölln, beyond the hype

Published: 20 May 09

Despite the buzz that fuelled the resettlement of the young and hip in Berlin’s Neuk√∂lln district, the area is still light years away from the gentrification of the city’s trendy eastern areas.

Low living costs haven‚Äôt just drawn cool types: they‚Äôve attracted lots of poor people as well, adding to the existing social misery. Exberliner Magazine explores what Neuk√∂lln really is: colourful melting pot or Hartz IV ghetto? Continue reading ‘The pros and cons of Neuk√∂lln’

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