Forget about Trabi gadgets and fake bricks from the Wall. There are genuine “Made in Berlin” things…it will be a sort of Treasure’s hunt…I won’t tell you where you can buy them! Finding out will be part of the game…



Look at the BBC video showing the eROCKIT, a bike behaving like a motorbike provided that you pedal!

“A Berlin inventor has come up with an electric bike which you power by pedalling that can reach speeds of 50 mph. Stefan Gulas has developed a system that amplifies the effort you put in by a factor of 50, meaning you can accelerate quickly and maintain high speeds with very little effort. Steve Rosenberg reports”.

From the official eROCKIT website we discover that:

“The eROCKIT bridges the gap between the regular two wheeler categories. On one side the muscle-powered two wheelers, on the other side, the motorcycles. The eROCKIT concept requires a continuous muscle deployment from the rider. The vehicle’s electronic system multiplies this muscle power and deploys it as vehicle propulsion.

For the first time in the history of vehicle construction, the driver’s physical power becomes just as relevant for driving dynamics and speed as technical vehicle properties and engine power”

Source: BBC, eROCKIT websites


I was curious to explore Gipsstrasse after the Monocle article and talking about Made in Berlin, I found something I like a lot: the atelier (in the real sense, ie the laboratorio) of Claudine Brignot. I love the skirts and jersey tops she creates. Especially this black heavy satin and gray sweatshirt trimming skirt of the Berlin Maritim collection. To me what she does is “distilling powerful German aesthetics”! Moreover her clothes seem also very comfortable. Ok, I am not on the way to “memérisation” but I love clothes in which you can move around in the city, work, go for an aperitivo, catch a plane or a bus or even hop on a (motor)bike, not those merely decorative clothes and heels who are suited only for being (trans)sported in air-conditioned cars. Because form follows function etc etc!



I looove this thing! It’s crafted. It’s simple. It’s functional. It’s beautiful. It’s Brut.It’s Made in Berlin…They are present at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

090328_ettlabenn_brut2_72dpi_rgb1Photo: ett la benn


The first Made in Berlin food we experimented is – apart from döner kebap – the Scho-ka-kola. You may have spotted its red/white tin box already among our Flat Hunter Essentials. It’s good also when you stand on a line for tickets at the Berlinal

e longing for an espresso, or for your Viktoria Park pic nics.

cimg0043Photo: StripedCat

The world is dominated by the Ferreros, the Cadburys and the Hersheys, and their countless derivative products.

Ritter Sport maybe is a dash too rich outside the slopes…the Lindt and the french bitter tablettes are meditation chocolates, requiring a good book, good music and a sofa.stammhaus_180

Photo: Scho-ka-ko-la

For an afternoon on the go, by bike or by foot in Berlin, I like the very plain and intense Scho-ka-ko-la. It won’t melt in your pocket, its triangle-shaped bits are just perfect when you need to take off your gloves, its box easy to open while on the bike, the cola-coffee stamina is a must if you want to be alert and awake. As a matter of fact you can find it also in a couple of Fahrradstations.offenedose_250

Photo: Scho-ka-ko-la

It used to be called “Fliegerschokolade” and you can discover more about the brand’s heritage, the packaging history and some controversial ad campaigns (like those of the 70s!!) on the website…


I am always on the look for Bauhaus lamps and so I happened to visit a couple of times Lampenmanufaktur Berlin. cimg0336

Their assortment is very strong in 1910-1920s Jugendstil items…both old and new, and their specialty is to craft lamps using old designs and techniques, especially Opalglas. cimg0337

They are located in Prenzl’Berg. I saw a couple of more recent lamps which were not so bad, with keramik electrical parts…and a fantastic Czech lustre (which doesn’t match with The Flat, but it was so beautiful!). Not so easy to fit in the EasyJet baggage standard size…a good excuse for buying a flat in Berlin ;D


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