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worm, chrysalis and butterfly…


This is the butterfly…a bedroom full of light, the bed facing an enormous double window overlooking the chestnut trees, new oak floor and travertino paint for the walls.

cimg0127…the necessary chrysalis…


And this was the ugly worm we bought…poor thing it was ugly but with lots of potential! This is the same room as above, here as a post-war kitchen.

Before the war each floor of this Altbau had just 2 enormous buergerlich flats, with chambres de bonne and the like. Each flat was then divided in 3 flats. Our worm – pardon, our Flat – didn’t have any bedroom, just a big living room with a bow-window, a kitchen and bath both with windows, and a roomy dark corridor for a total of 54sqm.

We torn the wall down (even if we never liked Reagan, we did as he said 😀 ) and transformed the neighbouring bath and kitchen into a nice bedroom with a superb double window.

So now The Flat has a double bedroom and, thanks to our architect, the living room goes back to its pre-war destination. (Er…what about kitchen and bathroom then?!)


The Flat is almost ready!

Well, our goal was to be ready for the Berlinale…we’re almost there!

I was in Berlin at the beginning of the week and we just need to finalize the storage in the corridor, plus buy and fix the washing-drying machine, but all in all the Flat is ready!

I also met a new neighbour who just started her renovation…we had a good chat on bathroom tiles, old windows and optimal resizing of those awkward post-war floor plans!

It’s a pity we will not be able to be in Berlin for the Berlinale though…but just a few days later. So, it will be soon Cleaning Time, taking away that fine invisible dust, placing the brand, new furniture at the right angle, starting to work on the lights, unpacking cutlery, pots and pans, cups and glasses. And the Samovar!! The soul of the flat…

Textiles were purchased in Rome at the Fiera del Bianco in january, very nice and very good value for money…a luggage full of linen and pillow cases in fantastic hues.

We are indeed satisfied. The prussian soul of the flat is now showing all its potential and the high ceilings are fabulous, still we applied the good Bauhaus rules and with its clean lines, the flat now looks liveable and warm, as though it had always been like this. Gemuetlich, precisely.

German Real-estatese for Beginners

Scheduling a trip for mid-august meant also carefully setting up appointments with real estate agents (MAKLER) in order to make the most of our stay in Berlin. We had surfed on real estate web sites so by this time we had acquired the essential vocabulary:

a) EXPOSE’ – a 3-page document detailing the property. Inclusive of photos (external view of the building, sometimes photos of the interior as well), information on the Kiez, age and condition of the building, square footage, amenities;

b) GRUNDRISS – the flat’s map

c) WOHNGELD – the cost for running the flat

d) and last but not least…the OBJEKT! (the property)

So…once the ideas are rather clear on the OBJEKT you are looking for, ask your MAKLER for one or more TERMIN (=appointment) to see a few flats of the desired size (and price) and make sure you get an EXPOSE’ via e-mail before in ordert to fine tune your research, possibly with a GRUNDISS telling you more about light, orientation of the flat etc.

Getting hold also of the cost profile of the flat (WOHNGELD) will help you in setting up your excel file and in identifying your ongoing cashflow profile, depending if you’re letting, living in the flat or using it as a FeWo (holiday apartment). Of course transaction costs should also be investigated, but those are quite clear and standard, they do not depend upon the individual property.

But the crucial question is….WHERE IN BERLIN?

That requires a bit more than just surfing the net and working the phones.

Get hold of you birkenstocks, and hit the town for extensive empirical research!

Berlin is larger than life

Berlin is larger than life

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