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Mitte? Nein, Danke

Well, there’s no empirical evidence. Not much research either. We have absolutely nothing against old Mitte.

It’s full of history and icons, ancien and glitzy architecture. But it’s not our idea of Kiez. It’s overwhelming. It does not fit our very personal Ideal Neighbourhood List of Criteria, ie the Kiez ideal either for living (ie renting) or for spending a few days (B&B or FeWo).

Of course we like adjacent areas, like Moabit, Hansaviertel, Tiergarten… But the pure Mitte, ie the SuperCentre, it’s a bit too central to be called a city village. From Brandenburger Tor to Alexander Platz, there’s simply too much.

There is plenty of info out there if you are a Mitte supporter. An ocean of information. For instance, Viaggi del Sole 24 Ore just published a Berlin guide with plenty of good reasons to buy in Mitte, supported by enthousiastic real estate agents interviews…

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