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long-legged beauty


This morning MeinMann and I were looking at the new Ligne Roset showroom in Rome, and all of a sudden I saw something familiar. The pure lines of the “Scandinavian furniture” of our childhood. Palisander and burnished metal legs. In this case it’s Tanis, a desk by Ligne Roset, re-editing the CM 141 desk by Pierre Paulin, presented at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in the 50s.

This makes us even more proud owners of our palisander sideboard, an original one, manufactured by Musterring. What once was popular good design for the masses now becomes quite premium-price and bo-bo.

Long live Berlin second-hand stores!

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The palisander sideboard…


The 60s flat is very small, yet it has a beautiful vista overlooking the park and the pond and a nice balcony. I wanted some sense of continuity between outside and indoor and this was the leading idea in looking for a wooden sideboard. A functional storage unit, possibly from the 60s. With burnished metal legs – not stainless steel – in “Swedish style”, as we call it in Italy.

The budget constraint was quite tight, at the same time I wanted to continue if possible on the handcrafted note, even if it had to be an industrial product. Since industrial objects of the 60s were produced on a smaller scale…there were chances to find something well manufactured. And once more I found exactly what I wanted.

I found a beautiful, simple and linear Musterring sideboard of the early 60s in yet another Schöneberg store. Palisander finish, brown mat metal legs: exactly what I was looking for!

The piece of furniture is perfect, as though it had been produced a year ago. And the other good thing is, after a bit of negotiation, it ended costing like a standard ikea sideboard, about 200 eur. Without flat packs and montage. Magic Schöneberg!


Blond plywood inside, with a removable shelf (functional), it still conserves its original sticker on the inside of one of the two doors. Voila’, a German iconic brand of the 60s! As I came back to Rome, I found in my inbox a message…my friend from Lugano had sent me this link…great minds think alike!

Three pillars of the living-room are there. Good value for money and all reincarnations of previous furniture lives. The only emissions were the 10 minutes of so by van in the Kiez. Zero packaging. Very umweltfreundlich!

As per the lighting, more second-hand will follow. One piece is secured (curious eh?), the other maybe is still waiting for me in one window shop…or maybe not…we’ll see. The table and chairs hunt will provide a bit of Abenteuer for next week, and with that the living room fourth and last pillar will be set.

Of course I am planning a linden-green wall against which the palisander cabinet will look even more gorgeous! Even in the winter we want to remember the green golden shade of the Linden trees…

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