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under the spell of glass

My attraction to coloured glass has reached the junkie stage. After last Summer’s Green Glass Shelf Saga, my latest shopping frenzy at the local flea market was done almost in autopilot. I found myself with this selection of funny glasses, and when I washed them up I found that they were gorgeous all together. The amber color is indeed very DDR. RiB=Recycled in Berlin.

…and 60s armchairs chez nous in Berlin

We’ve been looking for a suitable armchair for more than a year. Now we’ve found it. An original Soloform piece of 1953, designed by Albrecht Lange and Hans Mitzlaff for Schmitt, which from time to time appears at auctions around the globe.

It’s efficient: no excess of material, just what’s needed to be comfortable. It’s light: I carried it upstairs to the 4th floor. It’s ergonomic and perfect for reading a book, a newspaper or an iPad. It’s beautiful…and its linden-tree green (washable) upholstering is just the color I wanted. Recycled in Berlin!

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