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Kreuzberg: just looking…and making those phone calls

We stayed in a nice B&B near Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg, close to Platz der Luftbruecke. We knew that Kreuzberg was already defying gravity for the Berlin standard in terms of property prices, nevertheless we were charmed by the beauty of the Viktoria Park area, definitely beautiful and special, with its converted Schultheiss brewery district and with the big advantage of a view on the city from the Berg with the Kreuz!

Chamisso Platz is tres mignonne as well. The Bergmann Strasse is very lively and there are nice restaurants.

Yet, we felt that it was sort of 10 years too late to buy guenstig in Kreuzberg in the areas we liked, or, for some other areas, maybe too soon? Or put it this way…if we were planning to move to Berlin today, we probably would love to live in the brewery district…but we were looking for an investment opportunity cum FerienWohnung, not for a quite expensive new home.

Yet Kreuzberg provided us with an ideal location where we could read property ads and make those calls: the big hall of the Tempelhof airport. Maybe the security guard thought we were verrueckt, but the fantastic architecture of the place, the quiet traffic and the big spaces made us almost whisper in our phones when talking to agents, taking notes sitting next to the mighty columns…hush hush…

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