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The ugly ducking is back? at Frankfurt auto show the Trabant nT, an electric version with retro-inspired design has been presented. Check out this NYT article…


OstBerlin Mystique…



Reasons for being fascinated by OstBerlin:

1) corresponding with my DDR penpals for twelve years, until the Mauerfall…(I remember Michael driving his Trabant on west-german Autobahns to engine meltdown and eventually reaching by bus his friend “in the West”, where he would buy his fourth-hand Golf and drive back to Karl-Marx-Stadt in triumph…poor Trabi…! it would be worth a fortune today!)

2) the great Daniel Bruhl in “Goodbye Lenin”

3) the ubergreat “The life of others”…

4) countless cold war movies, hard-boiled spy-stories…

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