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Transaction costs

Transaction costs in Germany are indeed scary if you look at them purely in % terms: up to 13%! But in absolute terms, that depends on what sort of amount you apply the % upon…so back to square one…if your target is 1,000eur/sqm, that is not so expensive.

We found that this website is quite clear in explaining the cost structures and comparing countries. Have a look. Not so many articles but useful tables and information about tenants, owner, legal framework etc.

Roughly speaking you must reckon with about a 13% extra cost if you are buying with the help of an agent (Makler). Flats are good value for money, but include that transaction cost in your budget. If you are buying from the seller it will be cheaper of course, in that case you will pay just the taxes and your Notar and registration fees…plus those cheap Easyjet/Ryanair/AirBerlin/GermanWings air tickets, and probably one or two professional translation services, if your legal German language skills are a bit dusty.

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